is phone X worth it?

  • 10 kesäkuu 2018
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i was planning to buy iphone 8 plus i dont see any more diferrences in the specs rather than
its screen ,i am planning to buy an phone but i am like stuck between iphone 8 and iphone X
can anyone suggest me on this?

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Anything new on phones is not worth it, Apple or Android.

Wait few months and new shiny phones become affordable for everyone. At first they are making money from customers who just can't wait. Apple and most premium Android phones from Samsung are just testing out how much money people around the world are willing to pay they don't have (in most cases) for a phone they probably already have.

Remember that at the end of an awesome day it is just a phone.

Buying older model, not only you get it very affordable, but you'll also become an outsider, something unknown in your friend list. Look, he has an old phone... BUT. This doesn't work that way. Invest €999 this way - put €599 in your rent/home repayment and buy with the rest decent phone you will enjoy not because it's trending - but because you'll like it.

I would recommend iPhone 6 - it's still a good phone. It is €299 in Gigantti or mobile shops.
thankyou for the respone
you guys make really fast and usefull response !
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You are welcome.

iPhone X is not worth it. Anything below like iPhone 8, 7 or 6 is better value for your money.

Don't overspend on phone, invest that money on something with better return :)

Have a nice summer!
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I'd rather buy an iPhone SE instead of an iPhone 6, because SE has 2 GB of RAM. iPhone 6 has only 1 GB.

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