3G coverage in Alastaro is a disgrace

  • 7 July 2015
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Hi Alexsi, thanks for your desire to fix my issue.

3G coverage in Alastaro is very, very poor. Very often not even 0.1 So bad their the speediest won't even load. I am using the same Huawei 3G wireless broadband wifi unit I used the last two summers when the service functioned mostly perfectly.

It's pretty impossible to work or watch stuff. When I can it takes hours instead of minutes. Please don't tell me there are too many users and that's why its slow. This is not even reaching your minimum contractual requirements. Couldn't listen to the seminar properly this morning, Sunday I gave up all day. Mails take forever to arrive...

Thanks for the urgent fix.

Cheers, Garry

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Hello Garry, and welcome to palsta!

I just noticed this post. As we discussed yesterday, someone should contact you about your contract shortly 🙂 Thanks for getting in touch with us!