A2100N problems

  • 5 September 2015
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Excuse me for writing in English, my finnish skills are very low. I live in a student-house with a few other students where the internet works with the Elisa Kotiboksi A2100N (On latest firmware number 12). Well works most of the time it does not work at all. The modem dropping connections on windows laptops every 15 minutes and on some devices (macbooks, ipads, ereader, android phone) it is not connecting at all. I even had to write this message 2 times, first time it dropped out when ik clicked send. 

Now I googled around a bit and it seems that these problems are widespread with he A2100N being really *****ty for WLAN.

Is it possible to just connect another modem that is more suitable for use by 5 students? If so what models would or would not work with Elisa? Are there other solutions? Or could connecting a good wlan router to this modem work? 

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I think that a new modem is the best solution. Almost all modems can recognize ISP's line parameters automatically. Just plug and play (or f**k and pray. Parameters can be set also manually).