E160E the connect attempt failed

  • 27 heinäkuu 2009
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So I've installed the E160E usb device and the software, I use XP/SP3.

At the installation process I chose Saunalahti (Elisa/Saunalahti option), the installation worked fine.

I rebooted the laptop and can see signal strength and 3G Elisa, with the big green button "Connect" and a line that says "Ready to connect". So far so good.

I press the big green button and it says "Connecting...", after around 5 seconds a pop-up window appears with the message "The connect attempt failed. Please make sure your settings are correct. Would you like to retry?". Answering Yes retries with the same error message as result.

Not so good...

In Network menu I tried Network Selection Manual where I can see Elisa 2G and Elisa 3G (not Saunalahti but I know Saunalahti uses Elisa network).

Anyway, the Manual selection doesn't make a difference.

I also tried Settings and Advanced settings but can't see anything that needs fixing. I even tried reading all the (finnish) manual/papers that came with the box, but can't find anything about troubleshooting.

any ideas?

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I forgot to mention that I received the SIM card in the same package as the E160E, with 1 M datatransfer speed.
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First things first: Try to use SIM-card in phone, is the card ok?

Your software is Mobile Partner?
Check profile settings ok like this:
"Tools>Options>Profile Management>Profile Name: Saunalahti (default)/
APN:static,APN:internet.saunalahti/Authentication:*99#/user name /Password /
Advanced: "?
Then close Mobile Partner and try again.

Basic installation help in Finnish is after this link, you can use them:

Sorry my bad English.  ::)
Does your equipment&system meet all the qualifications? Is the SIM card placed properly? And the first of all, what is the quality of the signal (3G & 2G). If it happens to be 4 (or even less) out of 10, then it may not connect to 3G network (at least the internet stick I have, doesn't). In that case the program says "no network" or when one tries to connect, the program opens the dialog.
I also had this problem when I had logged in as a quest, afterwards I logged in (only swapped user, didn't log out) as a system administrator. Thereafter I tried to connect via Mobiililaajakaista program and the very same dialog appeared on the screen. So, I needed to log out first and then attempt again. Once upon a time I was surfing and then suddenly I was thrown out from the net. I tried to connect and then the dialog appeared on the screen again.
I've just runned "Run" - "msconfig" - "Normal startup" - restarted, and it worked. Before that tried everything I have found in the net.