G. morning:). My home broadband connection is not connecting since yesterday.Can I get some help ?:/

  • 11 August 2015
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I am living in the 00970 zone of Helsinki and since yesterday my "internet" indicator on the modem is red. 
I would really appreciate if I get some help on that case.
I saw my bill and is already paid .
Have a great day :-)

Kind regards,

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  • ? and welcome to Palsta!

    There isn't any common disturbances known in you area at the moment. Have you tried to restart your modem? If you have and the connection isn't working still, could you please send me your address via private message? I can then see more detailed info about your connection 🙂
  • Hello iltsinen and thank you for your response :-) 
    I visited one of the Elisa's shops and no problem was found, as soon as I came back home the problem was solved :-)
    Maybe I just overstressed for no reason hehe.

    Have a great evening :-) 
    Maybe you can check if all bills are paid.

    This happened to me once that I forgot a bill or thought it was paid and did not realize it until I called and complained.

    I don't remember how long it takes, but in my opinion it's now tricky to pay bills without internet connection.
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    Have you added your customernumber in your profile details? If not, do that. Then, about billing, best would be to contact any moderator by PM or contact customer service directly by phone or online chat.