I am trying to get the channels that the man at Elisa said I should be getting for free..

  • 6 August 2014
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Hello, Sorry for my English. I have had Elisa Entertainment for a year now but have used plus TV and now maybe I will change. BUT, I have Antenna TV in my row house. I have ADSL Their ... The man said that I should see the 15 channels that i do NOT. (Travel, Star, NHK, DW, MTV, CNN, and the others). I rebooted the box. But I do not get them ... They promised that i would. What do I do. Thank you so much, Graham 

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Have you full service of Elisa Viihde or lite version without adsl? And you have connected Elisa Viihde stb to your adsl ruouter?
I do not know what version, I am sorry. I just have elisa Viihde that I pay 10 euros for with my ADSL. I want to buy 2 packages but if after one year it did not work... Then today I paid 2.19 per minute to have it work for a few minutes.. I am mad at them. If I do a system reboot it does not even see the channels. If I do a full reboot it sees them but they are black. Then they told me to reset my modem at the same time. I have done that 10 time lol. I got it to work for only a few minutes... I am so mad to have to call back again and PAY!!! The man on the phone couldnt even figure out the problem and sunmitted it to their other experts who say they fixed it in their SMS to me. Thanks, Graham 
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I just checked your situation. They sent you a new digibox, because the old one had problems.

You should be able to see those IPTV-channels you mentioned in channel 511 and forward. Example MTV is channel 530.

You can see the full channel list from here

Once the new digibox arrives,  everything should work properly. In the mean time you might have to struggle with your old one 😞