I finally can see the 15 free extra channele (CNN, MTV, etc..) But after 2 minutes they all go black

  • 7 August 2014
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Today I called in and after 1 year I finally now get channels 525-544. But after changing channels 1 or 2 times it says "Stream Read Error".. My box is plugged directly into my modem. I have reset the modem and the box 10 times and 2 times I got it to work again for 2 minutes... Then I just get a black screen with nothing. At least Elisa fixed something that now when I reboot the box it sees the channels but they are black. If you just reboot the box it doesnt even put them in the channel list. What is going on? Thank you all for any help, Graham 

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1 kommentti

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I answered to the other thread already, but they are sending you new devices. Current ones has to have somekind of error and the service is not working properly. I hope the new devices will fix your problem permanently 🙂