I put new saldo in my phone and now I can not make calls or send sms

  • 28 August 2014
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I just bought saldo for xxx last 21.08.2014. I received the sms confirmation message about my new saldo expirig 21.09.2014, and I can not make any calls or send any sms

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First. please hide Your mobile number on public board.

What kind numbers you have called? Any extra cost number, like 0600, 0700, 010, 020, 029, 030, 039 beginnings? Any long distance or foreign calls?  Have you made some kind of sms subscriptions and those are eaten your mobile balance? Or have you ordered packet for Internet connection? If you do not have any Internet packet and mobile needs Internet connection, that eats about 2 euros per day your mobile account balance.
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  • It seems you have ordered a data package to your subscription after you bought saldo and that has bring the balance to zero. That's why you can't call or send sms messages. Maybe you have misspelled the order command if you have tried to order a package including speech? In order to get the ability to call and send sms messages you should buy more saldo.