Prepaid Perhenetti (new start)

  • 24 June 2015
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I bought the E5220 last year and used it with FULL satisfaction. End was beginning Aug 2014.

Is the Sim-card still working?

How to re-use the Original Sim-card again this year ?

Need to put money on the card, is it then starting when I use the card first time in Finland? Or at once ?

Or buying a new Sim-pakket at R-kioski on first arrival ?

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  • and welcome to Palsta!

    Did you do a refill for your sim card after beginning in August? However, your subscription was activated the first time you used it, and remained valid for three months after the activation. So if you never did a refill to your card, it won't work anymore and your card can't be reactivated. Thus you should buy a new one from R-kioski, for example :) 

    You should know, that every time the balance is recharged, the validity is extended by 12 months. If the validity of your subscription expires, the subscription can no longer be used for making calls, sending messages or transferring data. However, you can still receive calls and messages for another month and recharge the balance to renew the period of validity for another 12 months.

  • Thanks for the answer .  I almost payed an extension to the card, Lucky I didn't.

    The possibility to pay was WORKING , I only did not activate the paying.

    That paying possebility should be BLOCKED for that number !

    A new subscription is Euro 16,90 (3G) and includes a Sim-card ?

    Then its easy to start again the 47th holiday year Suomessa.

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    If the possibility to pay is working, you can trust that your card is still active. In site you can't do anything if your card isn't active anymore, the phone number won't be accepted when doing the refill.

    So I guess that you just don't remember that you've done the refill last autumn 🙂
    The 47th Summer Holidays ( 6 Weeks) in Finland are over. PerheNetti and the Kolumbus-SIM (now Saunalahti) worked as before.

    Thanks for the info at this point.

    Member of the family bought also a PerheNetti mobile WiFi due the experiences with my MiFi.

    We use it during the non-holidays in Alankomaat with a local SIM.

    See , Hear You next holiday in 2016