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  • 7 December 2014
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Used Android app to rent video.
Video shows in 'vuokratut' list. When try to watch get 'virhe videon toistossa  Oikeuksia videon toistoon ei saatu'

Tried on both Sony Xperia z2 phone and  Sony xperia z tablet.

Then tried on Windows 8.1 laptop where the only option I get is to rent the video and watch on the net.


1. Why wont video play via Android app (latest updated verion 3.4.2)

2. If I rent via android app can I only watch via the app or via digibox and not by browser ?

Vastauksen tähän kysymykseen jakoi Ammattimies 9 December 2014, 14:45

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5 kommenttia

Käyttäjätaso 4
There apparently was a server problem with the rental movies. Can you now try again with your Android devices?
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  • If you use the Android app to rent the video you can watch it via the app or
    Can you try watching the film again? Have you tried to reinstall the app? 🙂
  • When I tried again last night, was able to watch the movie. 
    I had made no changes to the app on the phone so the problem must have been at Elisa's end !
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    Good to hear that it's working now! Sorry for the hiccup in the service.
    Well only managed to watch 30 secs of the video - how about refund of the rental ?