2G-3G handovers problem

  • 28 syyskuu 2009
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My name is Denis. I worked more than 3 years in telecommunication in Russia, I've had Senior Core Network Engineer position. Now I’m client of Saunalahti. And unfortunately I have a problem with your 3G-2G and 3G-3G HANDOVERS.
When I set “DUAL MODE” (GSM and UMTS) in network settings of my phone, I was having problem with incoming link – after moving to another place (in Helsinki or Vantaa) my friends and relatives could not connect with me. When I set “GSM” in network settings of my phone I had no any problems with connection at all.  
I think my phone does not make LOCATION UPDATE under new RBS/BTS, because your engineers do not create some required HANDOVERS between RNC and BSC (or maybe even between RNCs). So it is fact that in dual mode after some moving my phone lose registration (I guess that in that moment my phone is not correctly registered in your MSC/VLR).
My wife had the same problems. And problem was also removed when I set “GSM” mode in settings of her phone.
I have NOKIA N95 8GB model, my wife has NOKIA 5800 8GB. Both phones were bought in Finland. That’s why I think problems can not be inside our phones :)
UMTS mode is more preferable for us because speed of mobile internet is higher and one is cheaper, and we can make even video-calls :)
If you will be going to trace my number: my MSISDN is 358452750112.

Thanks for your time,
Denis Ovsov  

6 kommenttia

Since this is a public forum, it is probably a good idea to put your phone number and other personal details in your profile. The administrators who work for Saunalahti can access your profile.
Hi Shadowjk,

If you have access to Saunalahti HLR and know my IMSI number so you can give troubles to me. But I guess that only Saunalahti staffs have access to HLR and MSC/VLR. You can’t also clone my SIM-card, because you must know at least Ki-key. That’s why I share my MSISDN.
But paljon kiitoksia for attention to my problem!

I've sometimes experienced 3G to 2G not working with Nokia E70. The display has indicated 3G and 0 signal bars long after leaving 3G area.

Sometimes with Nokia E75, data connection stalls/dies/breaks when going from 3G to 2G area, but it can do that "by itself" even when staying still in 2G-only area too...

As I don't live near 3G area and only every 2 weeks or so drive in places with 3G, and have encountered the same problem with so little exposure to 3G, I imagine you must encounter this quite frequently in helsinki vantaa area...
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Hi believer!

The issue you described is usually an "locational" issue, so I hope you could call our helpdesk (09-42430730) so they could check the area's (which you are experiencing this issue )2g/3g network and if necessary, create a problem ticket to our field operations and get it fixed, of course.

to Pekka: Kiitos, I’m planning to do that.

to Shadowjk: I don’t think that problems were inside your E70 phone. Probably you had the same case in your region – problems with 3G-2G handovers. 3G network (RBS-RNC) should correctly “pass” your data (data about you) to 2G network (BTS-BSC). But it was not done. Consequently you had problems which you mentioned above.
In case with your E75 phone when data connection breaks you had problem with 2G-2G handovers. That means during your moving BTS (Base Transceiver Station) can not correctly “pass” data about you to “neighbors” (other BTS). 
Maybe you can ask about fixing a problem in helpdesk too, as Pekka wrote. 
It's a bit difficult to describe the problem adequately to helpdesk, when it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work in a specific location 🙂

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