5 public dynmic ip address. How do you use it?

  • 9 syyskuu 2020
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I have fiber connection to my apartment. And in picture below, I tried to connect A to my router (Asus RTN12D) and from router to different sockets that provide internet connectuon to various room. 


I have  2 computers and a raspberry pi and want to have individual ip address in each of these. But, I get the same ip address in all of those connections. I tried to put the router in bridge mode (WDS). Am I doing some thing wrong. What setting should I change in router or is this router ever compatible. Any instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! 

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WDS = Wireless Distribution System. While this is sometimes called wireless bridging, it means that you have a bridged wireless connection between two of your wireless access points.

In your use case you need to bridge the wan-connection, not your wireless network.

On Asus RT-N12 Series this should be accomplished by going to internet setup and selecting Access Point (AP) mode.

On other wireless routers, which may not have an Access Point mode in their settings, the same can be achieved by turning the DHCP Server of the router off and plugging internet connection into one of the LAN connections instead of WAN.


Please note that in Access Point mode it will become challenging to access the admin pages of the router. You will either have to use Asus Device Discovery utility, or set the LAN address of the router manually to a private ip address and configure your computer to use two ip addresses, one dhcp and one fixed. On Windows the latter is not possible, thus you will have to keep switching back and worth between dhcp and fixed ip settings, or just use two network adapters on your Windows machine.

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Just to make sure, the two computers and the Rasberry Pi are all you are about connect to your setup?

If you happen to have phones, tablets, thermostats and lightbulbs connecting to the internet through your Asus RTN12D, you will run out of ip addresses.

In such case it is better to leave Asus RTN12D running in Wireless router mode for your phones etc. Connect an Ethernet switch to your jakamo / nousu connector. Then connect the two computers, the Rasberry Pi and the RTN12D to the Ethernet switch.

That way your computers and Rasberry Pi will get public ip addresses, while you can have practically unlimited number of phones and lightbulbs hanging off the RTN12D with private ip addresses.

So, If I have ethernet switch, then, do I get different ip address for all my computer? Do, you recommend any good switch.

Thank you very much for clearing. I think switch might be good option then using the router alone.

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The question is, do you want different LOCAL or PUBLIC IP addresses??

You most surely have different LOCAL IP-addresses on your devices, as there can not be same IP addresses on the network… (IE. If you have a NATed local network and you check from a site like “What is my IP” , you will get the same IP from all of your devices, as that is the address your ISp assigns your router. That router then routes connections to that PUBLIC IP to your devices LOCAL IP

Example (my ISP is Telia) :  My PUBLIC IP is 80.221.xxx.xxx 

                                                This machine LOCAL IP is 192.168.xxx.xxx


If you want all devices to have different PUBLIC IPs, you have to BRIDGE your router (turn of NAT), but you only get 5 addresses from your ISP (one of which is used by the router)






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