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  • 14 syyskuu 2010
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I have a problem about my cellphone asking for PUK code. But I don't know what it is. How and where can I ask for help in this case?

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You can log in to your account at,
"GSM-Liittymät" on the left to expand the menu,
GSM-Liittymät again from the menu that appears,
you get a list of telephone numbers, choose the one for which you need the PUK code,
then click "Liittymän PUK-koodi".
The next screen asks for the ICC code on your SIM card, a 12 digit number printed on the SIM card itself.

If you've lost your username/password to, you can click "Hanki uudet tunnukset tästä!" on the login page. There are two options, identifications through your bank (internet banking required), or new login details through the mail (requires customer number and a bill number from a bill/invoice)

If it's not possible for you to do it online, I guess the only thing left is trying to call customer support at (09) 4243 0456, though they're notoriously overloaded and the queues build up fast. The website claims they're open 8-20 weekdays, 9-16:30 Saturdays and closed Sundays, but accepting PUK inquiries and stolen phone notifications 24hours a day. Might give that a shot. Probably neesd the last invoice/bill with customer number and invoice number to identify you by.

I'm not sure what the situation is with prepaid cards, your chances might be slimmer there, unfortunately 😕

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