Bewan modem problem

  • 5 maaliskuu 2013
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Hi, sorry to post in english but i have a problem with my bewan adsl modem. I get an ip adress on my mac but no connectivity. The adsl icon just flashes every so often and the web light doesn't light at all. I've reset the modem but still no luck. Any thoughts?

3 kommenttia

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There's propably some kind of a problem in the network signal. If you have checked all the cables we suggest that you call our fault service and make a fault report. The number is 050 950 500.
They claimed everything was working ok and, if they sent an engineer out, they would charge me for it...
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Visit of an engineer will cost you only if the cause of the problem is in your own equipment or connections.

I sent you a private message about the problem.

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