Can I Forward VOIP to saunalahti GSM Number

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Sorry May be this was already answered but I could not find it anywhere on the web (May cuz lack of Finnish language), anyway I would like to ask whether I can make call forward from Saunalahti VOIP to Saunalahti GSM number (eg 0466xxxxxx), and whether it is free or may it cost to me ....I think I messed it up sorry  😞

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If the number is something like that (0466xxxxxx), its maybe Saunalahti Prepaid or Prepaid Plus? Its better to check that first,  couse you can make free call forward from Saunalahti Voip only to Saunalahti Postpaid number (or Contract), not to Saunalahti Prepaid. Not many, but few GSM numbers like that are Postpaid and then those voip calls are free..

There is Price list in Finnish:
Puhelut Saunalahden GSM-liittymiin (ei Prepaid) 0,00 /min (3000 min/kk, yli menevät 0,048 /min + 0,10 /puhelu)

Puhelut muihin kotimaisiin GSM-liittymiin 0,071 /min + 0,10 /puhelu

ei Prepaid means no calls to Saunalahti Prepaid
Puhelut muihin kotimaisiin GSM-liittymiin means Calls to any other Finnish GSM

I think you are very first who asked this question.  :)  Sorry my terrible English....  :-",,,null,null,2015-09-29 10:00:34.0,0
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I do appreciate your helpful answer but,
What I was wondering is, There is someone who is professional that you pay to do such things;  I mean you pay for him and he will give Landline probably 0942XXXX number that rings to you prepaid Saunalahti GSM Number, (no other costs to you only one time setup fee, that is only 50 e) I dont know how he did it but it exists, Though I know a lot about these things (VOIP technology) but could not find single solution for it.
Thanks again for your help 🙂
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I don't think you can find any one time fee service for that.

If the endpoint must be Saunalahti Prepaid, the only thing close to one time fee is to get a PBX with both VoIP and GSM/UMTS trunks, get some VoIP service, get Saunalahti Tikka (4.90 /month) or Tikka+ (3.90 /month) mobile phone subscription and then set the PBX to forward any incoming VoIP calls through the mobile gateway to Saunalahti Prepaid.

Both Tikka and Tikka+ subscriptions include 3000 minutes/month calls to Elisa and Saunalahti mobiles. Excess usage will cost 0.069 /min.

If the incoming service has to be VoIP, have you considered using VoIP over UMTS? If there is congestion in the network, it will not work, but at least in the countryside is might be quite usable (minding the coverage, a high power directional antenna might be needed).

If you want mobility and fixed net number, and it doesn't have to be VoIP, have you considered subscribing to Saunalahti ' TARGET='_blank? It is a fixed net number implemented in mobile network. Monthly fee is 2.97 /month.
Sorry Though you helped a lot.

But I think it is outside of Saunalahti I do appreciate your efforts to help me, I realised that in here we only can talk issues to do with Saunalahti VOIP.

But could you tell me general VOIP forums (Finland) in English because it may be helped Thanks in advance, Hope I am clear to be understood 😉.

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