Elisa's international data transfer products to change

  • 3 maaliskuu 2016
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We are launching a new, affordable and cost-effective Elisa Data Traveller service. The new service is safe to use abroad because the daily price of the basic service guarantees that there will be no unexpected data transfer costs. You can browse the Internet, for example, anywhere in the EU as you would in Finland at a daily price of only €5 (VAT 0 😵. With an additional package, you can increase your daily data transfer limit.

Elisa Data Traveller replaces Elisa's former data roaming services and separately ordered additional services, such as the Elisa Daily Traveller Phone/Laptop service. This service change will not require any action from you, and the subscriptions will be updated in stages, starting from 21 March 2016. Subscriptions with a block on roaming will remain unchanged. Using the online service for corporate customers at www.elisa.fi/yrityksille, you can see when Data Traveller is available to you, or you can make the change in advance starting from 18 March 2016.

At the same time, the time periods for data roaming events will be changed to follow the time used in Finland. For example, if you are using a separately ordered additional data package when abroad, and its usage period ends at 12:00 midnight, the use of the data package will end at 12:00 midnight Finnish time, not according to local time.

Additional information about Elisa Data Traveller, its prices and changes: elisa.fi/yrityksille/tuoteuudistukset

Elisa Euro Traveller to remain unchanged

With Elisa Euro Traveller, you will continue to have access to nearly unlimited calls and data transfers in the EU area at a fixed daily price. Placing calls, using the Internet and sending text messages will consume your subscription package as it would in Finland. Other price zones will follow the prices of the new Elisa Data Traveller service.

Please note that the new EU roaming regulation will enter into force on 30 April 2016, reducing data transfer prices in EU countries.

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