(English warning) TV now unwatchable if someone is using internet on another PC,

  • 4 heinäkuu 2011
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Hopefully Groner will have some idea?
For the last month or so the TV coughs and splutters if anyone else in the house uses the internet, even downloading an android app on the phone over wifi is enough to cause this.
It's like the TV takes all the bandwidth up and if anything else tries to use it then it gets upset.

Only been happening the last month or so, any ideas?

Modem is the Telewell EA510 (v3) and the viihde box is plugged directly into port 4.

4 kommenttia

After Elisa wan network maintance modem will get too high line speed. So, reboot modem might help.

Is the modem on mode 2 or 8? It sound that is not.

Have you check that wan, not lan, cable is ok and it is not near by the ac cables? Is the splitter still undamaged after thuderstorms?
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This problem has been noticed and is being investigated right now, please hold.
Ok thanks for the quick response guys, will wait a while for the fix.
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This problem was fixed yesterday (4th of July)  at about 14.00 o'clock. Thank you for your patience!

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