Groner, sorry to be a pain but...

  • 31 toukokuu 2012
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I just bought a new DSL/Router (Asus DSL-N55u)

It has a section for IPTV and I assume it must be compatible with Viihde, I can't find what to put in there though.

Does this screenie help?

BTW I realise you don't actually have to help, it is appreciated though :smileyafro:

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Your screenshot is from Internet Connection tab, not from IPTV tab. 🙂 Otherwise those settings look just fine.
There isn't much in the IPTV settings, ok I am about to take this modem back because I can't get it working, I can get IPTV working and Internet working ok but just not at the same time :smileyangry:

WAN uses VPI/VCI of 0/100 and then you bridge the IPTV onto the same connection.

However with the ASUS modem if you try and create another bridged connection of 0/100 it says "pair already exist" 

I really want to keep this modem I love the features but it's as useful as ***** on a bull right now.
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Enter your Pace IP to DMZ-zone and enable QOS. Then try if it starts to work. Worked with my old buffalo wzr-hp-300nh.

Now I'm trying to figure out why my RT-N66U doesnt work probebly.