how to change my subscription?

  • 20 marraskuu 2015
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Elisa has an option, That costs 14.90 per month and has 200 minutes limit. How can I change my subscription to that?

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I'm not familiar with the subscription you're mentioning. We only have contracts with unlimited data, sms and minutes and on the other hand contracts that are charged minute by minute and sms by sms. Where have you heard about this contract?
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Sonera has subcription with 200 min 14.90€ called Sopiva S. Is that what you have? This is with other operator, Elisa (to my knowledge) doesn't have that. Closest would be Tarkka with 21Mbps 3G and by minute charged calls, 14.90€, but no 200 min package.
1.Your branch in Sello told me that Tarkka 3g, has 200 min limits (after that, it charges) and unlimited 3g, and costs 14,90. Is that true? if so, how can I change my subscription?

2. Also about Tarkka 2G, am I obligd to have it for at least 6 months, or can I terminate it at any time? Does internet costs extra, or do I have unlimit 2G connection?

3. Meanwhile, what if I want to pay only for what I talk. Then how much does internet cost? And shall I still pay a monthly subscription fee?

4. And anyway, how can I change my subscription?

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Tarkka 3G does not have 200 min limit, all calls are charged 0,069€/min. It has unlimited 3G with 21Mbps speedlimit, at store page it says, speed varies between 0,4-10Mbps. This price is also a saleprice, 12 first months 14,90€, then 17,90€.

You might want to check this website too;
1.TWO DIFFERENT employees at your Elisa´s branch in Sello told me that, Elisa offers an option with 200 min limits which costs 14,90 per month. And any other call on top of 200, costs extra.

2. Also about Tarkka 2G, am I obliged to have it for at least 6 months, or can I terminate it at any time? I´m not sure whether its sufficient for my activities, thats why I wanna test it for few days and return to 3G, if not good. I´m also, assuming I shouldnt pay any extra fee for changing my subscription, from 3g to 2g and then 3g. Correct?

3. Does Elisa offer any option to call, at cheap price, to other countries like Iran? and what are the rates?
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Just to be clear, I am not working for Elisa.

1. I've checked and rechecked Elisa/Saunalahti online sales, they do not have subscription like that. At least not online.

2. That you need to check with customer service or put your details in your profile at correct locations, then only elisalainen or palstatiimiläinen can see your details and answer this question. You may also send a PM to them.

3. Customer service will serve you best with this.
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Tarkka 2G is only Brand. It works also on 3G, but speed is limited to 256/256 kbps. This is almost like 2G speed.

You can do basic things on this, like email, but no streaming.

There is no option to have 200 minute calls with Tarkka. They comes with fixed unlimtied internet in speed you need and everything else goes as you go. You can save money by calling using VoIP as it is free.

kind regards !

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