Huawei E1820 problems (in English)

  • 18 toukokuu 2011
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I've been having difficulties installing my usb modem on my laptop since November, and it's apparently impossible to get any support / help in English. So I'm trying here.

The usb modem installs and runs on my work computer (with WinXP Professional), but not on my laptop.
My laptop is a HP Pavilion, quite new. What happens is that it installs drivers and software, and then I get the message that "A problem has caused Mobiililaajakaista to stop working". And then it starts the autorun / installation all over again.

Does anybody know anything about this problem? I really need the modem on my laptop, since that's the machine I'm using. My work computer is a stationary PC, and I don't need the usb modem on it.

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By the way, my laptop has Win Vista Home Premium SP2.

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