internet security using saunalahti mobilephone

  • 29 elokuu 2010
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Hello. I use my nokia E52 for unlimited internet (13,90e per month). When at home i connect t my laptop for surfing email etc. How can I set my mobile or laptop so that others can't hack my private files?

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It won't be a security issue unless you have a software running that can share your files over the internet. It's also a good idea to have a firewall running and all the security patches installed.
Ok think Iäm secure then. With Norton I've Norton "smart firewall" and "intrusion prevention" and "e mail protection"-so I think that should be enough protecton. However tha's on my laptop. If I use internet on my mobile I've nothing installed there, so that may still be a problem if hackers can infiltrate phones. I'm inclined to think they can't yet!!

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