It's been a few days that the 4G speed is around 0.5 Mbps

  • 30 marraskuu 2015
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The marked ones are tested with elisa 4G, and the others are tested with my own Sonera 4G subscription. ~0.5Mpbs, seriously? It makes me recall the time of GPRS.

I've done everything I could do with this, reboot the router & factory reset and event tried to move the router around my living room in order to get a "better" signal. So I'm pretty sure something is wrong with elisa side.

I am actually thinking about changing the mobile connection to Fixed broadband. But the my 4G subscription is still under the contract, anybody knows if it is possible to cancel the current 4G subscription and order a new fixed broadband instead?


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  • Is the problem on one location or are you experiencing issues everywhere? It seems you've tested your 4G around 11 PM. Does it work better on daytime, or is the connection slow even on daytime or in morning?
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