Mobiililaajakaista Mini, how to switch it on?

  • 28 syyskuu 2010
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Hi everybody.

I found ' TARGET='_blank on the site and I'm interested in "Mobiililaajakaista Mini".
I don't have time to go to Elisa office, so can I switch on this option by USSD request or somehow online, or by phone? Will "Mobiililaajakaista Mini" work with prepaid tariff that I've already had?

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Mobiililaajakaista Mini seems to be only for regular users, not prepaids.  😞
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Mobiililaajakaista is a separate product. It can be ordered online if you have the national socialsecurity number. If you don't have that you may order but some deposits might be required. (I'm not sure)
It includes a modem for a fixed 24 month plan. However a modem can be purchased or you may already have one, so no fixed term plan is needed for only a sim card. 
Thanks Lauzi, eeeno!

A few questions more.
As far as I understand from the site I need purchase non-prepaid tariff, then I can switch Mobiililaajakaista Mini on through Oma Saunalahti. Is it correct?
My cellphone supports HSDPA, so I don't need a modem. I'd like to use my phone for voice communication as well as the Internet connection.
I have national social security number, so how can I order a SIM card or non-prepaid tariff on-line? Could you please share a link? Is it possible to keep my old cell number?
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You can't keep your prepaid phone number.
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Unfortunately prepaid number cannot be transfered.  Most of the sims are "pay-as-you-go" and are very affordable so you might want to purchase one if you want to keep a number and make it public in the number search.  You can have mobilebroadband as an add-on service to the pay-as-you-go sim as well.

So what you need to do now is to the select the best plan. I think norppa+ is the basic and can be switched anytime.

Select "Tilaa ilman puhelinta" (order without a phone), fill in the form and select mobiililaajakaista as the add-on service.

You might want to ask help from someone who knows the language, from your work mates and friends.
Thanks a lot for help!

I've just purchased norppa+ and it seems I kept my old prepaid number  🙂
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It is odd. Probably the system doesn't know which number is prepaid but don't take it as a surprise if the transfer fails and you need to contact support later. It's stated in the terms of service that prepaid numbers can't be transfered.
Well, at least I tested the system and figured out that it not foolproof  :)

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