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  • 27 joulukuu 2010
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I have a laptop which needs only a sim card to activate 3G function. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a multi sim from Saunalahti. It used to be possible with Elisa. It is a big pity because I have already Nopsa service on my sim card which I use with my phone.

The only solution is to get another Nopsa package which will cost 13,9 euro/month extra for a 24-month-contract. The package claims that the device worth over 149 euro, which I don't need at all. It is a big waste.

Any suggestions!


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If you don't mind a useless USB stick and 24 month contract, you could replace your current Nopsa service with ' TARGET='_blank service for your current mobile phone connection. This includes MultiSIM with one additional sim card and costs 13.90 /month.

(The old MultiSIM service with up to 5 sim cards in total is no longer available.)

If you absolutely want to avoid useless USB sticks or long contracts, you can subscribe to for example ' TARGET='_blank and get ' TARGET='_blank service on top of it and use this sim in your laptop. 0.66 /month + 13.90 /month = 14.56 /month.

Or if you want to be really cheap, order ' TARGET='_blank by this year and you will get the special offer of no monthly fee for 2011. With Mobiililaajakaista Nopsa that will be 0.00 /month + 13.90 /month = 13.90 /month. But remember to switch to some other mobile phone subscription (like Norppa+) in December 2011, as the normal monthly fee for Tikka+ is 3.90 /month.
Thank you. Good suggestions and detailed calculations!

I believe I can't replace the nopsa with nopsa+ as I got nopsa from a discount deal for 6,9 euro/month with ZTE blade.
In this case Tikka+ is quite attractive as it is free and no contract binding for a year.

On the other hand, I still believe a separated multi-sim package makes sense here.

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I believe I can't replace the nopsa with nopsa+ as I got nopsa from a discount deal for 6,9 euro/month with ZTE blade.

You are right. If you have a special offer which already includes data transfer, you cannot order neither Mobiililaajakaista-lisäpalvelu nor Mobiililaajakaista Plus on top of the special offer, as the fine print says: Lisäpalvelu ei ole tilattavissa liittymiin ja palvelupaketteihin, joiden kuukausimaksuun sisältyy datasiirtoa.
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You could also change your current Norppa+ Kampanja subscription (2 e/month) to Norppa+ (0,66 e/month) and then get Mobiililaajakaista Plus Nopsa service with MultiSIM, it's a 24-month contract. Then you would pay 19,46 e/month in total (including 4,90 e/month for ZTE Blade).

Depends on what you think of the 24-month Mobiililaajakaista Plus contract. Or would you have use for the free Saunalahti/Elisa phone calls with Tikka+ (0 e/month for 2011 only new subscriptions, not changes).

With Mobiililaajakaista service (Plus or not) it would also be possible to choose the Perus 1 Mbit/s speed option and save 4 e/month, if higher Nopsa data speeds are not needed or impossible to reach in the area. The speed can also be changed during the contract via Oma Saunalahti.

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