modem and airport issue

  • 24 elokuu 2017
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My elisa modem is playing up and I have to restart it most days to get a connection.
I have another modem that I was sent 2 years ago that I have never used.
For a novice how easy is it to set up a new modem and do I actually need the airport.
When I first bought the mac in about 2006 the airport was necessary but not so sure now.

Once I disconnect the old modem, I am at the point of no return!

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Hello markb and welcome to Palsta! 🙂 Sad to hear that your modem has started acting up... Usually connecting new modem is quite easy and fast job, you just plug out old one and replace it with new. Power adapter and phone line cable are also to be replaced while changing the device itself. Airport is something I've never used, so I can't say anything for sure about that... But what I've understood about those, you just connect it to the new modem and it continues working as before