Modem Upgrade from BeWAN iBox A5100 - what to choose?

  • 3 marraskuu 2016
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I have decided its time to upgrade my good old BeWAN iBox A5100 modem and I am looking for some suggestions about the best device to choose.

The previous time I tried this I changed to the Elisa supplied Kotiboxi A2100N (BeWAN A2100N) but ended up going back to the A5100 as the new box could not handle all the devices in my house reliably.

I have Elisa Viihde 20M ADSl connection so device needs to handle IP tv and 2 teenagers playing online plus good wlan for phones & tablets

So do I choose one of the Elisa shop devices Huawei HG635 or Zyxel VMG3925 ?
Or a 3rd party supplied device eg TeleWell TW-EAV510.

Any recomendations on what to choose and what to avoid !

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If reliability is your first priority then I recommend TeleWell.

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