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  • 23 kesäkuu 2010
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Hi everybody!

Could you please clarify how much time does it take to have money on my cell account?
I made prepaid today in the morning trough on-line service, 20 euro, but I still don't have money on my account. I use *100# to check this.
When I did the prepaid I checked my phone number twice, but in case I made a mistake (a very small possibility though) is it possible to get my money back?


4 kommenttia

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If you have any problems with Saunalahti Prepaid, right way is call to Prepaid Help Desk +358 9 622 669 22
(Weekdays: 8am to 8pm, Saturdays: 9am to 4:30 pm, Sundays: closed. Exeptions: 25. June like Saturdays, 26.-27. June: like Sundays.)

Hope you will get money on your cell account before Midsummer Day.  :)
Thanks for the Help Desk Number!

I figured out that it was my mistake. Unfortunately, I confused two last digits in my cell number.  :-
So I lost the money, but I sent a sms to the lucky guy with my 20 euro as last attempt to get my money back. Hope this person will understand, and put 20 euro on my account, hehe.  😉 If not no problem, my fault.
If you sent something to a third party by accident you have the right to ask it back and he has an obligation to give it back. Unless he has already used it or lost it and doesn't have anything to pay with(i doubt this). Its only 20 euros so i don't think you want to make a bigger fight out of that.
yeah, I won't fight for 20 euro, just one attempt  🙂

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