My Elisa Viihde experience

  • 17 toukokuu 2012
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When I was first considering Elisa Viihde, the only english language information I could find was on these forums, but most of the posts were a little old.

My experiences so far as a non-Finnish speaker with Elisa Viihde have been very good, particularly when compared with the service experience you get from many other companies.

I won't go into the setup process in much detail - I was replacing an existing Elisa connection, so the DSL was already there - just a matter of swapping the modem and doing some rewiring.

Setting up the modem was easy, but - as has been mentioned elsewhere - your configuration options are extremely limited.  This modem is clearly aimed at nontechnical consumers, and unfortunately there is no 'advanced mode'.  If I get really sick of it, I may try to reinstall my old FritzBox, though I am not sure how easy it will be to make that work.

The viihdebox is likewise pretty easy to set up.  The fact that it speaks english makes life much, much easier.  However, there are some idiosyncrasies:

  • If you press the blue button on the remote instead of using the menu button to access the Viihde menu, you're back to Finnish
  • If you record a program, many of the menu options (like bookmarks) are also only available in Finnish
  • Subtitling is horrendous.  The box only understands Finnish, English and Russian.  So while watching a show on Yle 5 where Finnish/Hindi/Chinese is spoken, the stupid thing refuses to show the Swedish subtitles.  This, combined with the fact that subtitling options are hidden deep in the menu is a real pain.
  • The box seems somewhat underpowered - the lag when pressing buttons is sometimes 5 to 10 seconds - quite long.
There are two things I am wondering about, but haven't been able to dig up yet (comments welcome!):

  • Channels that come over internet freeze from time to time.  This requires a channel switch to get them back, and is (depending on how often it happens and when during a programme) a minor or major annoyance.
  • As best I can make out from previous posts, it is possible to store programmes locally.  How does that work, and is it only possible on a USB stick?  My NAS sits next to the viihdebox...


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Apparently the Elisa Viihde ADSL modem is quite sensitive to errors on the telephone line. You could try your old modem (in bridged mode) and see if it helps with the freezing problem.

Local recording isn't possible with the Pace set-top-box (blue and white). It was possible with the Netgem box (silver or black), but that's no longer available.
Hmm - I may give that a go.  Is there a specific ethernet port on the Elisa modem to use for the WAN side?

As long as I'm swapping out hardware, there is one other question: I'm moving house this summer and the new place does not have a phone outlet anywhere near the television, and I'm not that keen on rewiring everything.  Does anyone have any experience with powerline ethernet adapters and Viihde?

I would be looking to bridge either between the (Elisa) modem and the Viihde box or between my alternative modem and the Elisa modem
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The LAN4/Uplink port of the Elisa modem is the WAN port in uplink mode.

I've no personal experience with powerline adapters, but I think Elisa Shopit sells powerline adapters that are compatible with Elisa Viihde.
So the latest round of software updates had me tearing my hair out.  The box was crashing, hanging, giving spurious errors... Really, really bad.  A quick browse of the forums seems to suggest I'm not the only one unhappy with that update.

  • I tried a factory reset, but although that appeared to help a little, it didn't really solve anything.
  • I then unplugged the thing to see if my local Elisa shop could swap it.  They couldn't, but the couple of hours in the boot of the car seem to have helped - it was better (but still not great).  The people at the Elisa shop have ordered me a new Viihde box (the black ones seem to be out of stock).
  • Yesterday, I removed the white Elisa router and plugged my old Fritzbox modem back in.  That seemed to help further, plus all the phones in the house can now use Wifi again.  WLAN on the Elisa modem does not work well with the Nokias and Samsungs in my house.
With the extended period switched off and the different router/modem (no Elisa router inbetween in bridged mode) things are back to maybe 85% of the quality before the software update.

Today or tomorrow, I will get the new Viihdebox - let's see if things work properly then.

On the Powerline adapters - I think I will pick up the Linksys PLSK400 when I move - I quite like the integrated hub, and the Netgear XAVB5004 is far too expensive.  I considered a second WiFi access point in bridged mode, but my experience is that those are not reliable enough for IPTV.