Need to buy Internet connection to work remotely

  • 4 kesäkuu 2017
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Hi, I'm looking for some help please .
I am English ,in Finland ,and need to remote access my London office via laptop windows 10, twice per week .

Is the saunalahti prepaid data sufficient to do this ?

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I'm in Finland .no idea why it says Australia and I can't change it ...
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Provided that your remote access works from behind NAT (network address translation), yes. Saunalahti Prepaid provides you a private ip addess. A public ip address is not available for Saunalahti Prepaid.

Typically most mobile data connections are behind a NAT. Thus, if your remote access worked in UK with any cellphone, UMTS/LTE-stick or using WiFi at an internet cafe, then Saunalahti Prepaid will work just fine.

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