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  • 27 elokuu 2018
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OmaYhteisö community is a place for everyone interested in Elisa’s products and services. Whether you might just be thinking of acquiring something from Elisa, you’re currently our customer, or you have been previously, it’s nice to see you here! Majority of the discussion in here is in Finnish, but we hope to be able to help you too!

You're the most important member of our community, but we have a small army of people here to help you out. Our moderators and other Elisa Staff members have a little blue "E" icon in their profile picture. Your fellow OmaYhteisö community members have profiles just like you, but they can definitely help you out in many ways!

Go ahead, post your question or comment as a new message from the button below!

Ps. Please review our house rules, you can find them here and also take the time to carefully read our Terms of Use here.

//Edit: added the correct link to house rules 17.9.2019/ Suvi

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