No connection ( Abroad) via Huawei E5220

  • 6 kesäkuu 2016
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Paid to the account of my Prepaid, Text-msg stated that the money arrived.
The status of the E5220 is as follows :

Status in the Mifi-box
Network name : Voda NL
Network type : 3G
Signallevel : (5 grey lines)
Roaming status: Roaming on
SIM card status : SIM ready
Connection status : Disconnected
Sent : 0 B
Recieved : 0 B
Duration : 00:00:00
Current user : 1
Battery level full green

(selection = On / OFF makes no change)

Has been serving two summers in Finland but doesn't work here with a filled account.
Is there a chance that this thing works here in Alankomaat ??

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You mean that you have Elisa Prepaid in the Netherlands ? This shows the countries it should work in "Alankomaat" is the first, however sending text messages is not currently possible there. The prices are also different. Is your prepaid a normal gsm contract or was it sold just for using the internet? If it`s just for the internet what device are you using? 🙂
Bought the Perhenetti box, now three summers ago.
I know the "rules", my profession was partly maintaning the first GSM exchange in Alankomaat.
Perhenetti box is for Send and recieve Txt msg in Finland and recieving abroad (working !).
And then of course mobiili internet. Used during holidays in Finland ( for the 48th summer in a row).

Only the mobiili internet roaming is NOT working with the PerheNetti and HUAWEI E5220
By the way LIBERTEL is already ages ago taken over by VODAPHONE
I feel left alone . . . . . . .
Getting a reaction within 24 hours is that after every reaction . . . . . ? Or will the Kestelu completly solved in 24 Hours ?

I gave the information about the situation in the roaming wich was answered by : Do you have Elisa Pre-paid in Alankomaat ? ( YES thats ROAMING).

Looks roaming is impossible however it is stated it should work in Alankomaat.

Wich item(s) I am missing to get it working , the roaming with PerheNetti and Huawei E5220 ?
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There are some changes you need to make to Huawei E5220 settings, after this change the combo should start working normally.

You can connect your computer or tablet with the router using this address:
Router asks for "Käyttäjänimi" (= username) and "Salasana" (=password) and they are both admin . After logging in allow the router to use roaming, this change can be made in settings.
That I have done (And already before . . )

The connection state is as before DISCONNECTED. Look at the info starting this thread,
Looks like the network of VODAPHONE(=former LIBERTEL) is refusing the internet-connection.
The GSM-part works good since i can recieve your msgs about the charging 20 euro's.
( I have some GSM exp since I set up First GSM-exchange in Holland)

Network name : Voda NL
Network type : 3G
Signallevel : (2 green 3 grey lines)
Roaming status: Roaming on
SIM card status : SIM ready
Connection status : Disconnected
Sent : 0 B
Recieved : 0 B
Duration : 00:00:00
Current user : 1
Battery level full green

(selection = On / OFF makes no change)

So What to do about it is still the question . . . .
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Could you send our Palstatiimi a private message? I could really dig into this with some spesific details, such as phone number.

Is it possible to try this PerheNetti simcard in your phone? This experiment tells us if the connection problem is caused by the card or if it's on the router.
A message straight to PALSTATIIMI (hopefully cause the supporting txts were Suomen !)

LOCAL Phone number here +31575XXXXXX
PerheNetti-sim 0466XXXXXX
Works in my Android Phone.
Internet does not work in the PN Huawei E5220 in Holland.
Txt msgs works fine in the PN Mifi.
In the Mifi is a local sim card with a another provider working.
The local sim is based on same = only internet and txt msgs.
So the Mifi looks technical ok.
Combination PerheNetti-sim + PN-Mifi (Huawei E5220) + Vodafone is failing on internet, not on txt msgs.

In short :
PN-Mifi worked fine last year in Finland.
PN-Mifi works fine with a local sim-card but another provider, now.
PN-Mifi does not roaming on internet in Hollantti.
PN-Mifi works in roaming on TXTmsgs in Hollantti.
I had in my time of doing maintenance of electronics NEVER changed settings before understanding what I do. Starting to work on problems should be from ZERO. That is the moment the problem was there.
Last night I did change something in the PerheNetti modem.
And it is WORKING right NOW . . . . . . and in the same with the local provider of my Dutch card.
I made a second profile with the same things in it exept that I changed it from Dynamic to Static.
And of course another name for the Profile.
It switched the data-connection at once on !
So the settings=profile were the "real" problem, most likely.
The reason behind it is "ruoka" for the technicians.
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Great to hear that the connection is working now! 🙂

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