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Welcome to OmaYhteisö Community! If you’re looking a place to talk to other Elisa's customers and staff members about our products, services, tips and info, you’ve come to the right place.

OmaYhteisö is a place for everyone and it's really important to us that we all feel welcome! Treat everyone well, don't try to be mean. You can ask for help, try to help others or just chat.

OmaYhteisö is a meeting place where everyone can give and get help. So let’s be nice to each other! We don’t use rude language, speak disrespectfully of others or behave inappropriately in general.

This is a place for relaxed conversation and mutual support – all in good spirit! We don't judge, criticise or bad-mouth anyone.

Thank you goes a long way
If you bump into a helpful answer, good thinking or just something nice, you can give a simple thank-you by clicking the Tykkää (like)-button. By liking comments you can help other users to find useful advice and good conversation later.

Keep it private
OmaYhteisö is an open space and anyone can join, so please be careful about your personal information. Don't post any account numbers or email addresses to the forum threads. You can store your customer number and email to your personal information, that's only visible to our staff members.

No spam
OmaYhteisö is about customers helping each other out, not for promotion. Please don’t post any advertising, spam, junk mail, chain letters or any other kind of solicitation.

You shouldn't in any situation post anything obscene, unlawful, harassing, threatening, harmful, abusive or otherwise objectionable. Any post made in the forums is a subject to moderation and can be edited or deleted if it violates these guidelines.

Relax, you're in good hands
If you spot a post that is against the rules, don’t respond to it. Just click the “Ilmoita asiattomasta viestistä”-link on the bottom right corner of the post and our moderators will check the situation as soon as possible.

OmaYhteisö-tiimi is here for you!

Moderators can edit messages afterwards or even delete messages. Moderators can delete messages with inappropriate content, personal insults or other content that breaches the rules of OmaYhteisö without warning.

Compliance with our rules is supervised by OmaYhteisö moderators and any violation of these rules leads to permanent locking of your user codes. OmaYhteisö moderators are Elisa employees.

The rules of the community can be updated as necessary. By registering as an OmaYhteisö member, you accept the general terms and conditions of its use.

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