please, help to check balance for saunalahti reilu!!

  • 16 maaliskuu 2014
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Please could someone explane to me, how I can check my balance, I just use couple of days my new number, saunalahti reilu, so but I can't understand how I can check the balance.....I was trying to send SALDO to the 14304 number, but it shows like everything is zero even thought I have sms package, call minutes and so on...... another option I was trying to choose from safari browser activate oma saunalahti ....... but I didnt find that option from bookmarks, may be it's not the way I'm using, what should I do else?????? please help!!!!!!!!!

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Where did you find the 14304 number?

First of all, we would have to know do you have invoiced (billed) or paid in advance (Latausliittymä) Reilu?

If you have Latausliittymä, have you tried making request to number *100#? Do just like you would be making a call, key in *100# and press the green handset button or send.

If your device does not handle USSD codes like *100#, try to text TILI to number 18258.

*100# and TILI to 18258 work both for Saunalahti Latausliittymä and Saunalahti Prepaid. They do not work for invoiced subscriptions.

You can use Oma Saunalahti to check balance of both invoiced and paid in advance subscriptions. Oma Saunalahti is not available for Saunalahti Prepaid service. 

Just follow this link and login.Your username and password should be found on the letter that came with the SIM card.

If you don't know the username and/or password, you can check the username and reset the password using Finnish banking credentials through link
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Maybe the saldo shows zero because you have not yet exceeded the monthly packets you have?

The view of current standing saldo might miss all the monthly charges, too.
Thanks a lot for the reply.....

About the 14304 number I can't say exactly where I did find, cos I already was trying so many possibilities that even dont remember where I fond them..

so, I have liittymä Reilu and both *100# and TILI dont work .... I was trying many times...

and from Oma Saunalahti I also trying to check but everything what I have on the paper from SIM card it seems not my username and pssword :(

so, the last option for me is to try as u said to connect to the bank and check username and password (it seems that right now it doesnt want to connect to the bank, may be cos it Sunday), I'll try one more time tomorrow.....

but really feel exhausted about that and upset....

thanks one more time
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Normally netbanking should work on Sundays, too.

However, today Aktia, Handelsbanken and Säästöpankki had a maintenance break from 5:00 – 8:30 o'clock. But it should already be over.

Danske Bank netbank has plenty of compatibility issues over all platforms. Danske Bank's TUPAS (online identity service) does not work on mobile devices at all. Thus, if you are using Danske Bank, you must use a spesific desktop computer platform in order to reset your Oma Saunalahti password.

If iPhone is the only device you can connect to the internet, maybe a local Danske Bank branch office has a public computer, where you can use Danske's incompatible online banking service to reset your Oma Saunalahti password?

After you have aquired your username and reset the password for Oma Saunalahti, it should work with iPhones and iPads, too.
no, I'm using Nordea.....but it doesnt want to work now.........will wait until tomorrow and try again ....... will hope for the best
I think that the above link to bankidentification is not anymore in use.

Instead you should use your e-mail address as username for Oma Saunalahti and  also here to obtain a single use password:
O my God, I'm completely confused....and do you know where may be I can come that someone can help me.....I'm living in Oulu, but I think there is no Saunalahti office :( 
Saunalahti is a part of Elisa. ;)

Elisa Shopit

Isokatu 21
90100 OULU
ark. 9-19
la 10-16
aaaa......thank you :))))))) 

you are guys so nice, thanks for the help, I hope I'll adjust everything tomorrow :::)))))
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antero kirjoitti:
Instead you should use your e-mail address as username for Oma Saunalahti and  also here to obtain a single use password:

Before posting my reply I actually tried that and just quess what happened. After several minutes it just sent me an email telling to go to

Well, maybe it is better to start with, but if you feel like hitting a dead end, go straight to

This new "Elisa tunnus" thing seems to be like black magic.

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