Problems with Elisa Koti connection

  • 15 syyskuu 2012
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Sorry for writing in Englsih, we're foreigners here in FInland.

My company provides a home office internet connection from Elisa. When we lived in Turku, there everything was fine with the connection and the Zyxel P660HW-D1 router, but things were not so good when we moved to Espoo in April this year.

We began to have problems wit hthe connection dropping frequently. This was reported to the company's IT department who in turn contacted Elisa who said that there was a fault on the line and that it had been fixed. The connection was better for a while, but recently we have been having the same connection drops again - a major inconvenience because because I often need to make internet calls to colleagues in the Americas in the evenings. When this was reported again, they seem to have decided this time that the router is at fault and they sent a replacement one, a Zyxel P661HNU, which I have so far not managed to get working properly.

First time up, I followed the instructions to connect my work PC via the manual method of entering the WPA key and got a connection. I then connected one of our phones, it automatically detected the WPSconnectivity and connected seemlessly, but immediately after that the laptop lost its connection and could no longer connect, and all future attempts with the laptop and our other phones failed.

After a couple of hours trying to get everything working I had to give up and try later. It seemed that since connecting one device with WPS, it would not connect any new devices by manually entering the WPA key, and even those previously connected via WPA key could no longer connect after one device had been connected via WPS.

Subsequent attempts to conenct to the new router have failed due to error messages that the WPA key is wrong - the WPA key is hard-coded in this device and printed on its label, and I've made enough attempts to know that I can't have mis-typed it every time.

When I mentioned the problems I was having to a colleague, he simply asked "Zyxel?", and when I confirmed he said I should forget Elisa's routers and buy a "good" one.

Does anyone else have problems with these routers? Has anybody any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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