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Sorry, I am very bad in Finnish language so I write in English.
And maybe my request was already asking.

I would like to know how to configure the Bewan iBox A5100 provided with the Viihde pack and called as Elisa Kotiboksi.
I try to find the admin area of this one but it's look like is impossible. We have just access to a very basic "Internet Settings".
Actually, I would like to share my printer, change the name of my wi-fi network and some other little modifications than we can normally do with router.

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Other question:
I am French and I took Elisa Viihde because I don't have the cable in my area with hope to get TV5Monde (French speaking TV channel which is proposed freely on the cable). And it's not. I would like to know why and if it's planned this TV channel will be broadcast on Elisa Viihde.



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Hi Laurent and welcome aboard!

Elisa Kotiboksi's local settings are limited to LAN / WAN setttings only. Rest of the setting can be found and managed thru Oma Elisa self-service control panel . To access Oma Elisa control panel you need to register to Oma Elisa that requires authenticating via Finnish network bank identification (the bank you are customer in here in Finland).

Sadly Oma Elisa is in Finnish only as well so you would need a friend to guide you or then use a translator like Google Translate.

Elisa Kotiboksi's settings are place on Viihde tab > Laajakaista modeemin asetukset.

We don't have IP distribution permissions for TV5Monde yet, so that's why it isn't available for now but I believe it will be included in Viihde in future.
Sorry, I am late for that but many thank Groner for your info and your help.
In fact, I was using some forums in French or English to help me.
Now, every things are configured as I want.

So, just hope I can watch TV5 Monde soon.

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