S7 Elisa sim PROBLEMS

  • 28 syyskuu 2016
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MESSAGE which comes often: check sim card or contact customer care.

Wifi to mobile data does not switch, Signal goes off NO NETWORK.

Signal dropout very very often, device needs to be restarted to restore network.

Sim card disconnects often from network.

Sim card seems ok as tested on other device and works in 4g and 3g.

Setting phone back to factory default has NOT helped.

Changed to new nano sim from Elisa was ok for a day but again problem of network disconnection jamming continues.

Any thoughts or do I need to send the phone to the service center ?

5 kommenttia

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Hello Jakas, and welcome to palstal!

It seems you've already diagnosed the problem yourself. At first I thought it might be a faulty SIM-card, but since you already changed it and tested it in another device, it would seem that the phone is definitely at fault. I recommend sending the phone for servicing immediately.
Ok somehow the new nano sim seems to be ok worked now for the day. I feel its a network problem as another phone of mine the note 4 had the same problem today. I guess the area is such where Elisa has signal issues which effect phone performance.
no gone again, no data, as a phone it works but not as a smart phone:@
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Hmm, okay. Can you send us a private message here: http://elisa.fi/palstatiimi and tell us your phone number and your address. We'll look into it!
Sent you the details. Please check.

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