Transfer Rate drop Helsinki, anyone else effected?

  • 25 syyskuu 2009
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Hi all,
sorry but I have to write in English as I'm form Germany and don't speak any Finnish.

Currently I'm living in Helsinki, Museokatu close to the beach. For internet connection I bought the
Saunalahti prepaid UMTS USB stick.
Till 2 weeks ago I was able to receive up to 2.4 Mbit/s, but now the transfer rate dropped to 350Kbit/s with
breaks in download. So in average I get just 50-100Kbit/s.

The stick and the installation seem to work fine as I can still receive 2,4Mbit/s at work (Espoo area).

I know that the download speed depends on the number of users but even at 3:00 o'clock in the morning
I don't get any higher download speed. (Yes I got up at that time just to check.)

Did anyone else encounter the same effect in the mentioned area?

Thanks and apologize for english

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Hi, I've got the same problem but in Espoonlahti. At work in Helsinki it works 🙂 Elikkä Espoonlahdessa oli vielä muutama viikko sitten nopeudet ihan kohdallaan noin 2-3Mbps down 0,5-1Mbps up mutta nyt viikko sen jälkeen kun minun tyytyväisyystakuu on mennyt niin en ole päässyt yli 0.5Mbps. Kotona (sisällä) on koko ajan ollut 2G nettitikulla (3G jos menen parvekeelle mutta vain yksi tai kaksi palkkia) ja HTC Herolla oli ennen 3G ja HSDPA mutta nykyään sekin vain EDGEä. Onko nyt Espoonlahteen myyty niin paljon nopeita tikkuja että verkko ei vain pysty siirtämään. Onko tälle alueelle tulossa parannusta (että 3G toimisi sisälläkin)? Mutta esim Sörnäisessä tuli aamulla taas noin 3Mbps down... Eli kotona sitä ei voi/saa käyttää 😞
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Prepaid mobilebroadband means that the normal rate is 1,50 /mb , max 1,90 /day without a fixed price transfer service.  You may order faster service for a week or for a month in advance. Normal transfer rates are substancially lower. I think your sim has switched back to the normal service as it doesn't have any fixed price services anymore.

You can switch to faster speed by SMS, see this page:

The fastest max. 4 mbps service costs 29,80 a month.
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Also, you may want to visit a local Elisa Shopit and ask them to check the USB modem and/or your SIM. Just recently my brother bought the unlimited Mobiililaajakaista Plus Nopsa and got around 7Mbps speeds for the first two weeks. Just after the 2-week testing time, the speeds dropped to almost-constant 2Mbps. We checked with another USB stick, three computers and two phones. With my SIM card (I have the same service) everything worked fine (up to 8Mbps) but with his it was always capped at 2Mbps.

He went to Elisa Shopit and after a while they found out that after the 2-week trial his account received a 2Mbps cap. I don't know if this was intentional or just a very odd random occurence (as they aren't even supposed to have a 2Mbps anywhere, 1Mbps and 384kbps yes, 2Mbps no) but there it was. After a while in the phone the clerk managed to remove the 2Mbps cap and everything went to normal.

Just saying that everything happens and anything can happen. If you have the time, it doesn't hurt to go and have it checked 🙂

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