UK - voinko lataa mun puhelin englantilainen luottokorttin kanssa?

  • 21 tammikuu 2010
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Moi :)

Mulla ei ole pankkitili Suomessa, mutta en haluaa menetää mun puhelinumero - apua?  :-[

(Anteeksi, että mä kirjoitan niin huono suomeksi.  Mä unohden kaikki :-)


...anteeksi myos jos tämä on väärässä osassa

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Hi Sopheline!

You can tell your problem in English, too. It is ok in this forum. 🙂
In general I see no way to pay the bill by credit card, not even with a finnish credit card.

But, since the new EU regulations on SEPA (single european payments area) require Saunalahti to print their IBAN and BIC codes on the bill, and since those same regulations require that a payment within the EU cost the same as a national bank transfer, it might be possible to actually pay the bill from a UK bank. However, there's one issue with this, the Reference number. The finnish payment system uses reference numbers with each bill, so that the process of matching incoming payments to users and bills is completely automated. As I understand it, this is not used anywhere else, and I don't know how well that travels over SEPA, if at all. So even if you could theoretically move the money to the right account in .fi that way, Saunalahti's computers would probably not notice it, and think your bill is unpaid.

Perhaps one of  the neww customer service people from Saunalahti who frequent these forums could find a way?

If you still remember your username and password for , then you can also log in there, click "Viestit / Asiakaspalvelu" from the left, and "Uusi Viesti" to submit a request direct to customer service. This has, or atleast in the past had, the effect of satisfying the requirement to notify saunalahti before the due date in case of problems with paying the bill.

As for the subforum, perhaps "Laskutus" (Billing) would have been more appropriate, but what is done is done :)


Eli saunalahden uusille tähtiasiakaspalvelijoille tehtäväksi selvittää onnistuisiko SEPA maksu Britanniasta kun asiakkaalla ei enää pankkitiliä suomessa ole?
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Good morning and welcome to our humble discussion forums!

I inquired about this particular issue from one of our billing specialists, and unfortunately the situation is much like shadowjk described - the reference number that is used in the finnish transaction system does not show up on payments made from banks outside Finland. This presents the problem that while the payment will eventually show in our accounts, we can not place the payment on the correct bill (or prepaid account in this case.)

Unregistered payments for standard bills (i.e. bills that contain normal fees from Saunalahti GSM / broadband / other services) can be sought after and targeted correctly, but in the case of prepaid bills that is unfortunately impossible.

Thus, this leaves us with the unfortunate conclusion that (at least currently,) charging your prepaid GSM account is not possible from banks abroad.

- Matti / Saunalahti Customer Service

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