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  • 22 helmikuu 2013
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Had issues with digibox, the white and blue one. Unresponsive. Was replaced for a new one. Slightly better but response is still slow between remote and box.
Now, when using the fast forward function whilst watching a program saved on the digibox. It makes all other wireless connections change to a limited connection. Once the fast forward is stopped to become normal play, then connectivity resumes also.
This is basically *****. When I had the larger
Silver box I rarely had issues, yet since getting the new white box - and signing a new 2 year contract the service now sucks.
Anyone got ideas?

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Hey there,

Some users reported in Palsta that if user call to fault service, they can enable old digibox to your Viihde, so then you can use box which works for you better.

Do you have old digibox and does it work fine?

I would also suggest to call to fault number 050 950 500 (mpm/pvm, open 24/7).

Sorry for my bad English!
Thanks for the reply.
I have the old box still. It was sometimes having issues which is the main reason I 'upgraded'

Does anyone know if Sonera's service that is practically identical to viihde is better, same or worse?

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