In Need of Saunalahti's Residential Gatway Configuration

  • 28 elokuu 2009
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Could someone please let me know: How I can get to the user-interface of the
Saunalahti-provided residential gateway (BeWAN eBox rebranded as Elisa)?

The idea is to be able to reconfigure the BeWAN eBox for some basic needs such
as: disabling the UPnP; forwarding some ports; putting a computer in the DMZ zone;
changing the local LAN's subnet address; etc; etc.

I apologize if this question has already been answered on this forum.  I wasn't
successful in finding the answer mainly due to my Finnish language disability.

2 kommenttia

I'm not quite sure but if I get what you mean, the configuration settings can be found at
I just read from ' TARGET='_blank that the box has Saunalahti's customized firmware that basically makes it inpossible to change those settings directly. (And someone also asked BeWAN directly for the original firmware and they responded with this:
I am afraid that we can't intervene in the agreement that you have with your
ISP. As you probably understand, if we would start to deliver a different
firmware vs what they support, they might face important support issues in
the end since they don't control their customer park.

I understand you point of view and the deception you feel, but there is
nothing we can do.

Like antti said, all settings that can be changed should be in address and they are somehow sent to your box from there. Odd solution to say the least. I guess it's simpler for the average user, but the power users are going to be left quite unhappy. I guess you'll need to get your own ADSL-box if you want those features. And that's assuming that you don't have some features on your connection that are directly linked to the BeWAN...

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