Internet service gone bad

  • 1 lokakuu 2017
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I use the elisa viihde and internet services since 2012. Since I moved to a new home, this January on the same neighbourhood the service just gone from amazing to terrible. The internet keeps on jumping on and off on a daily basis. It's just so annoying, some days can't even enjoy TV in the evenings without interruption.
I would like to find a solution for this, but I refuse to call Omaguru, since I paid last time 118€ for a silly phone call. I may consider joining other company and cancel my account if I don't get any help to sort this.

I restart the modem and digibox on a daily basis. I have also reset it to factory settings several times so that does not solve the problem.

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You need to purchase an Etherne cable (RJ45). Then connect and test as shown in picture.

Br, Tuokki

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Hi lusitan and welcome to Palsta! Do you use wifi connection, or is your device connected to the modem with a cable? If wifi is used, could you test whether the problem also appears with a cable connection? Have you noticed if any of the indicator lights on the modem switch off when the connection cuts out and if so, which lights?

Please add your customer number to the Asiakasnumero section on your profile, so I'm able to find your contract and run a few tests on the connection. The customer number is only visible to you and the moderators. 🙂

Thank you for replying.
I am using wifi connection. I cannot test the connection with a cable because the modem is in the bedroom connected to the phone plug. The Tv is in the living room. It's a 2 room apartment, really small.
The lights go off and blink on the modem. I will have to get back to you on which lights go off. The Asiakasnumero is now on my profile.

Thank you! 🙂
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You need to purchase an Etherne cable (RJ45). Then connect and test as shown in picture.

Br, Tuokki

Ok, thanks I will try this! 🙂

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