• 28 November 2019
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What’s good these days?

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2 kommenttia

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Hi @RuGaRR and welcome to OmaYhteisö! :)

I’m happy with current state of PUBG. Also Elisa Viihde Premium is nice :) What about you? What do you think is good these days? :) 

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The good thing, and you are happy for real, when your mobile plan is not overprices.

It feels so damn good to receive a bill only after 2 months, because the first one is under minimum billing amount (minimilaskutusraja). I am talking, I am surfing, I am messaging and my bill is under €8 minimilaskutusraja. I literally use my phone with €14 two months straight.

I can’t find myself anytime soon paying phone bills once a month.

Never is going to happen. Elisa salesman actually said I must be poor, but I am poor, because if you are overspending you’ll never be rich. This is amazing mobile plan after two each month.

I am enjoying to pay my mobile phone bills, always.

Have a good day and may it be a good deal…

By the way tomorrow is Black Friday, and I only wish that people realised the truth, I am going to throw it here for now - everything is 100% off if you don’t buy it. No joke, only truth.

And if they do dismiss that truth, my money is not wasted, it's fine.

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