Port forwarding on HUAWEI HG635

  • 28 April 2018
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Hi all!
I've a DSL subscription with Elisa, and I'm using the HUAWEI HG635 modem. It's working very well, but I would like to open some ports so that my local machine is visible from the internet. Using the "port mapping" feature I managed to get the SSH access (on port 22) working, so that I can connect to my home PC while not at home.
Now I would like to open additional ports, such as 80 and 443, but it seems it's not working. I've tried both with the port mapping feature, and even by opening a DMZ. But still, the port 22 is the only port accessible from the internet. Could it be that it's a limitation with the subscription itself? Or did someone manage to get any port (other then the 22) accessible?

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Have you checked the modem's firewall settings? If you can, create allow rules for ports 80 and 443. If such settings cannot be made, turn the firewall feature off.

If this does not help, you might consider bridging one of the Ethernet-ports. Then your pc will get a public ip address. Please note that in this configuration your pc is connected directly to internet, thus make sure you have configured pc's software firewall adequately.

Elisa's instructions for configuring an Ethernet port are here: NAT-tilasta siltaavaksi.

  1. Log on to modem's management at
  2. Select Internet-tab and under it IPTV-palvelu > IPTV-asetukset (IPTV-service, IPTV-settings)
  3. Tick box Ota IPTV käyttöön (use IPTV) and select correct Yhteystyyppi (connection type ATM for ADSL or PTM for VDSL)
  4. Select which LAN-port is to be bridged (LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4)
  5. Change VCI/VPI-values to 0/100 (this applies for ADSL)
  6. Save changes and if needeed, restart the modem.

Obviously, if you have other devices on your LAN, your PC will be cut off connecting them. To remedy this, you can get an additional network adapter for your PC and connect it to the modem using two Ethernet cables; or get a better ADSL/VDSL modem or Ethernet-router from an IT store.

Avoid any Elisa provided modems. Their features are crippled and cause a lot of problems, if your internet usage is anything beyond just web browsing.
Thanks @irritus!
Disabling the firewall didn't help, so I followed the instructions for the IPTV, but I must have done something wrong (maybe I selected the wrong ethernet port?) and now I cannot access the modem (or the PC) anymore -- I am abroad, so I cannot physically reach it.
I see that it responds to pings, but that's all: I cannot connect to SSH, telnet, HTTP, or anything... Unless there's some tricks to be able to connect to the modem from the internet, I guess I'll have to wait till I return home. :-)

But thanks anyway for your help, I might revive the thread once I get back home. 🙂
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Sorry to hear that you lost your remote connection. Changing fundamental modem settings remotely is quite daring. I don't think I would have even tried this without having someone on site for rescue.

Not knowing your setup, it's hard to say what happened, but one idea came to mind.

If you had DDNS service running on the modem, your PC has now a different IP address from the modem. You could try to ssh ip addresses plus minus 1024 of your modems address and see if you can find your PC that way. There is no guarantee that your PC can be found this way, though. Elisa issues ip addresses from discontinuous blocks, so ±1024 works only when you are lucky.

If you had DDNS service running on the PC, it may be that your PC's software firewall has panicked due to ip address range change and switched to a stricter set of rules. Unfortunately there is no way to fix this remotely.

Just checking, was your PC set up for getting IP address by DHCP? In order for it to get an IP address from Elisa, you must use DHCP on devices connected to bridged ports.
I asked a friend in Finland to revert my changes, and now finally my modem is visible again from the outside. But no matter what I try, I can see only port 22 remotely.

I've found out this thread here, of a user having the same issue with the same modem:

Could it be that it's a limitation hardcoded in the HG635? Is anyone here using the same modem and being able to forward any other port than just port 22?