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  • 15 June 2023
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Hello, I have a question about the SIM card. Due to the fact that I did not replenish the balance of the card, it is blocked for me, so, if I replenish the balance, can I immediately use it or do I need to do something else? Number: X, prepid card


EDIT: 15.6.2023 // Phone number removed from text. -Snouppi


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Saunalahti Prepaids have a 1 month grace period after expiry. During the grace period you can revive your prepaid by topping it up.

After the grace period has expired, the sim card, balance and phone number are irrevocably lost.

Enter your phone number to Elisa prepaid shop and see whether it is happy to top up your prepaid or errors out by telling The subscription number entered is incorrect. Please check it and enter again.

Should you get the subscription is incorrect response, your prepaid is no longer recoverable.

If there has been very long time since last top up, your number may have been assigned to someone else.

PS. If you have Finnish personal identity code, henkilötunnus, you can order a new Saunalahti Latausliittymä. It is a prepaid with contract, which has twice longer validity time since last top up compared to Prepaid.

Latausliittymä supports number porting, too. Though all other Finnish operators offer only invoice or credit card as payment options. Unlike Prepaid, you can also set barring, view call itemisation and publish your name and number in directory enquiries.

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