Unable to get port forwarding to work for ZTE MC801A

  • 27 April 2023
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Good afternoon,


I ordered a public IP with my Saunalahti Mobiililaajakaista 5G 600M package, changed the APN setting and restarted the device. I have a public facing IP, as I’m able to see the router login on the 80 port via an address.


I tried setting up a port forward for a (random) port 722 to access an internal SSH service on a local machine the local machine’s SSH is accessible from another machine on port 722.

I set up a basic port forwarding rule in the router and also tried to enable port filtering.

Neither are working. 

I went to and checked and the port seems to be visible (or at least not blocked). Is there something major, I’m missing here?


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Hello @jccabron and Welcome to OmaYhteisö!

Did you make sure that local machine’s firewall allows SSH requests which are coming from external network?

Hey Snouppi. Yes of course. I connected from a different machine to that port, and everything works fine.

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You are not the only one, who has problems with ZTE mc801a routing capabilities. I have seen similar complaints on this forum before.

If you have a spare router laying around, maybe you should reconfigure the ZTE mc801a to bridge mode and use an external router between the ZTE mc801a and your local area network?

Please note that the ZTE mc801a can acquire only one ip address from the mobile network at any time. Thus, in briged mode you can connect only one device, typically a router, to ZTE mc801a.

Ok so I’m basically paying hundreds of Euros for a device suggested by Elisa, that doesn’t work as intended? 

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I am not familiar with the device, but you could contact ZTE Customer Service about this issue. If they could help you with this problem? 🤔

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