• 20 July 2022
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Hey am eliud kimani just talked with customer care Aino about my phone line.i changed my line on 16th june and wanted to use the line until 30june. after that i wanted just to keep my line active with the deal they give me for 4.90 because i was travelling for about a year and left finland on 29th june.but now i see july bill here which we had already agreed with customer care about the change,the person in customer care in vaasa is the one who took care of all the changes. i dont want to pay the bill of july because he said everything will be changed my security number is xxxxxxxx



EDIT: poistettu henkilökohtaiset tiedot /Error404


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Hi @Eliud kiamni and welcome to OmaYhteisö! I suggest that you call to our customer service so we can take a further look about the invoice. You can find our contact information from here