My SIM card is not working

  • 10 July 2023
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My sims 045xxxxxxx is not working. I am currently staying abroad, however, i gave my friend the SIMS card for OTP activation code. can you please help me, there was no service available when install the card.



EDIT 10.7.2023 // edited out the subscription number for data protection and privacy reasons -draakki



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I’m sorry to hear that your subscription isn’t working! 😕 

I hid the subscription number from the public conversation due to data privacy reasons, but I checked that the subscription in question doesn’t seem to be active any longer. It would be best to talk this through with our customer service, and possibly order a new subscription if you still have a need for a subscription located in Finland while you’re abroad. 🙂 

Fastest and easiest way to solve this would probably be to contact our customer care either in Facebook or in Twitter. Other alternative contact channels can be found here. I hope this helps! 

Also welcome to OmaYhteisö @Lam Pham 😊 I’m glad you joined the community!

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