!WARNING! for LTEwatch (h) users! DO NOT SOFTWARE UPDATE!!! Help requested also.

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Do you have a link to the new firmware?
Do you have a link to the new firmware?
Sorry, I don't have link for that.
I have Elisa internet, so they forced notification through my Huawei.
The new firmware version is 21.321.03.00.260

edit. There is also bridged mode enabled, IPv6 DNS fixes and some security updates in that firmware.
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The new firmware is now available (21.321.03.01.983) for people who bought the router over the counter (not from Elisa) and it also fixes the lost signal strengh readings. It is available from -

I have just started to use LTEwatch and was wondering why it doesn't show signal values.
Then I found this thread but the link above does not work any more and had no luck trying to find it with google either. My Huawei B315s-22 is not from Elisa.
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Try this link.


You need to make sure your current firmware ends '983' , if not, this is the wrong firmware for your modem.
Thank you Razoola1. It was the right firmware and now LTEwatch works fine!