TP-Link Archer MR600 configuration

  • 18 October 2023
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We recently moved to an apartment that includes an internet package connection in the building. We have our own TP Link Archer MR600 connected to the wall socket. I have it configured to wireless mode, Dynamic IP and tried both  Vlan disabled and Vlan 1. We also have the Elisa activate our account in this building but the internet isn’t still working. Anything else I’m missing? 


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Hmm, do you know if the connection is VDSL, cable modem, or fiber? 🤔 

Have you already tried resetting the TP-Link Archer MR600 router? 🙂 It is first and foremost a LTE and/or a wifi router, so if the connection in your apartment building is either VDSL or cable modem you will likely need a new modem for the connection to work as intended. 

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Made it work, thanks ! No vlan, dynamic IP and changed the modulation to VDSL 

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