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  • 2 January 2020
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I have a phone contract with Elisa. I would like to get also a home internet to sensuroitu. The 30M would be fine. Could you make an offer for the internet and phone together? 


Best regards,

Anita Wasik


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Hello @Anita Wasik and Welcome to OmaYhteisö! 


We cannot process contract information in a public forum. Could you please send to @OmaYhteisö-tiimi a private message, so we can look at the situation more closely. :blush:



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Hello. You can get offers not in bundle.

Offers to your phone, customer service call. Offers to landline ADSL or VDLS2 is about the same, offers are made before purchase. You can either buy them yourself or call/visit them.

Stable internet offers

I doubt they will discount bundle. I tried. €0 kotikuitu and €9,90 50M 4G yes. Double internet package, but I also wanted to transfer my number. Already customer mattered nothing.

Salesman said normal offer price which I could buy myself on the site, and nothing else.

Usually I don’t ask offers without looking them on a site first…

“We won’t go lower than €9,90 a month for a year”. I said to him, DNA goes.

And here I am with €6,90 Unlimited 4G offer for another year.

I kept my number in DNA, Jussi extended offer for a year saying happy streaming 2020 in mind, but you can try Elisa… good luck if you get any offer from them and have a new year for now.

I do a lot of dance music streaming and it is my aim to continue so using 4G.

Now playing Keltek feat. Diandra Faye - Kingdom Comes (Radio Edit).

I do so. Thank you